Scheduling Module Overview
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Make your schedules epic!

In this article, you'll discover the simple steps to create events, handle shifts, and effortlessly book workers!

At the top of the menu, you'll find a collection of essential tools:

  1. View Options: Seamlessly navigate your schedule with various views. Choose "Today" for present focus, "Live view" for real-time insights, or opt for "Day," "Week," or "Month" views to plan ahead. Adapt your scheduling experience to your preferences effortlessly.

  2. List View: Simplify your approach by switching to the "List view." This streamlined layout keeps events and tasks clear, allowing undistracted focus.

  3. Numbers Overview: Get fast stats Snapshot – clocked-in, confirmed, booked and total needed workers.

  4. Search Button: Find events using keywords like location, client, or date.

  5. New Order: Place orders from suppliers directly.

    Want to learn more about new order? Click here

  6. Show Archived: Access old events in one place.

  7. Filter Button: Customize your display by applying various filters.

  8. Dots of content:

    • Scheduling Board: Alter your perspective by changing the view.

    • Edit: Swiftly manage multiple events – delete or archive in one go.

    • Add New Event: Seamlessly create fresh events on the schedule.

    • Show Archived: View past events that have ended.

    • Check Availability in Date Range: Prompt available employees with push notifications for specific dates.

    • Upload Excel: Effortlessly import events from Excel spreadsheets.

    • Export Events List: Generate Excel sheets to export your event lists.

    • Export Booked Employees: Create Excel sheets with lists of booked workers.

    In the interface's heart, events shine in three distinct colors:
    Red for 0% booked workers, Orange for partial booking, and Green for full staffing.

    On top of the event page you can find different icons:

    • Event name

    • Event location

    • Shift timing

    • Client name (colored grey)

    • Signifies availability (top right)

    • Numbers of workers clocked in, confirmed, booked and needed

    • Booking percentage

    • Green V when the event is fully confirmed by worker

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