Ubeya Chat Overview

Everything you need to know about Ubeya's Chat feature

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In this article we will review the main functionalities of Ubeya's Chat feature:

  1. Creating direct / group chats

  2. Filtering your chat view

  3. Creating and utilizing chat tags

Creating chats

The Chat feature in Ubeya allows you to create direct 1-on-1 communication channels with workers or groups of booked workers in an event. You can access the Chat feature from any screen in the platform by clicking on the Chat icon at the top of the screen.

Start a direct Chat with a worker

From the Dashboard, select the Employees module and then choose a worker to view their profile. You can then click on 'Chat' in the profile to start a direct conversation.

Start a group Chat with all booked workers in an event

Select the Scheduling module and then click on the relevant event to view it. Then, click on the Chat icon towards the top right of the event window.

Chat Filters

After opening the chat feature, you can click on the filter icon to choose which conversations will be presented to you. There are three ways to filter your different Chats:

  • Your account's Branches

  • Status - read/unread

  • Chat tags - which you can create and customize

Creating Chat tags

You can define and create the Chat tags you'd like to use through your account's settings. Chat tags will allow you to easily manage your existing chat conversations and choose those that are relevant for you.

Click the settings icon, then select the 'Chat tags' tab and choose 'Add tag'.

Some examples of useful chat tags:

  • Employee requests or questions

  • Event captains

  • Event types (festivals, sports)

  • Logistics (uniforms, commutes)

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