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In this article, we will explore the various methods available for seamlessly adding new employees and efficiently organizing their details and status.

Upon entering the 'Employee' module, direct your attention to the top right-hand corner where you will find a small arrow. By selecting this arrow, a drop down menu will appear, presenting you with an additional option to add new employees.

Don't forget!

Phone number, first name, last name - required fields.

Position - It is important to set a position to an employee in order to book them for shifts with this position.

Branch - If you have multiple branches, you will have to choose a branch for every worker, feel free to read more about branches here.

Add a single employee

Here is a brief explanation of some fields:

  • Notes

    A note that will be display to admins only!

  • Pending approval

    This feature is designed to offer an added level of caution. Activating this toggle will generate a red exclamation mark icon, indicating that the employee request remains pending. It's up to you to decide why, but we recommend using it when you still need to gather more information from the worker—documents, HR interviews, etc. While the employee remains in pending status, they can still apply for shifts, but the persistent red icon serves as a reminder of their pending status. Once you have all the necessary details, you can access the employee profile and deactivate this toggle.

    For companies that utilize the Ubeya ATS, new candidates will be by default pending approval, and after approved for the company will be turned off.

  • Preferred clients

    The "Preferred Client" feature allows clients to choose a specific employee they love and want to work with for their events. Once marked as preferred, the employee can automatically be booked for shifts related to the client's events. It enhances the client experience, streamlines shift management, and fosters a strong client-employee relationship.

  • Blocked clients

    The "Blocked Client" feature allows clients to prevent a specific employee from working on their events. By designating an employee as "blocked," you can ensure that the employee cannot view or apply for shifts for the blocked client's events. This feature provides clients with control over their event team composition and ensuring a more tailored and satisfactory experience.

  • Position

    In this section, you have the option to choose the suitable job positions for your employee. Ensure you select at least one position, as only job applications matching their designated positions will be accessible to the employee on their "offers" page.

  • Position Groups

    The concept of a "Position group" is useful when there are multiple positions that belong to a common group. This feature is relevant in two scenarios: firstly, when an employee occupies multiple positions within the same group, allowing us to assign the employee to the group instead of adding each position individually. Secondly, it is applicable when we want to assign a specific rate to an entire group. This rate will be automatically applied to all positions that are part of that group.

    To create and edit position groups, navigate to the "Settings" of your account, then go to "Employee profile" and select "Position groups."

  • Type

    • Shift - Employees that are marked as "Shift" can only clock in/out from the app during their scheduled shift start and end times. (This is the default state)

    • Daily - Employees that are marked as "Daily" can clock in/out at any time, but their hours are recorded based on their designated work day.

  • Default captain

    Enabling this toggle button ensures that whenever your employee is booked for a shift, they will be automatically assigned as the shift captain. As a shift captain, they will have additional privileges such as the ability to clock in/out for other employees, write notes, and rate the performance of other employees on the shift.

Add multiple employees

This feature provides the convenience of adding multiple employees simultaneously. It is a time-saving option that requires minimal details initially, allowing you to quickly create the basic profiles for your employees. This feature enables you to add essential information about the employees upfront, leaving room to fill in the remaining details later, either by yourself or by the employees themselves.

Import employees

Upload a list of employees from an Excel/CSV automatically. Here is the template for upload.

Please be aware! For a successful file upload, it is necessary to remove the initial row in the file, which serves as the header. To see how it's done, refer to the attached video.

  1. Required Fields: First name, last name, phone number.

  2. Phone Numbers: It is recommended to include the phone numbers of employees with the appropriate country prefix. This is particularly important for employees who have foreign phone numbers. If a phone number lacks a prefix, the system will assume the default country code associated with the company's account. This ensures accurate phone number formatting.

  3. Multiple Positions (optional, good to have): You can assign multiple positions to a single employee by listing them comma-separated in the Excel sheet. This allows you to efficiently manage employees with various roles or responsibilities.

  4. Unique IDs (optional): Each employee should have a unique ID. If multiple employees in the Excel sheet share the same ID, the system will identify it as a duplication, and those employees will not be uploaded.

  5. Additional Fields: The system supports the dynamic addition of extra fields that can be included in the employee list upload. If you have configured additional fields in the system's settings, you can upload corresponding values from the Excel sheet. If the additional field is set as a dropdown, and the exact value does not exist in the system's settings, the system will automatically add the additional value based on the information provided in the Excel sheet.

  6. Date Fields: When including date fields in the Excel sheet, it is crucial to follow the same convention as specified in the Excel template. This ensures that the system accurately interprets and processes the dates.

To start working with Ubeya app, you should send your workers an SMS invitation to download the app.

By adhering to these guidelines and utilizing the provided Excel template, you can efficiently import employee data into the system. This feature streamlines the process of managing and organizing employee information, saving time and reducing errors associated with manual data entry.

In case you need assistance or additional guidance with uploading employees, please reach out to our support chat and we can assist with the process.

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