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Add A Captain To Your Shift/Event
Add A Captain To Your Shift/Event

Learn how to assign captain(s) and what it means.

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The captain is a worker who can be assigned as the on-site manager during a shift/event. They are able to report work/break times on behalf of other employees, leave payroll notes, and more, directly through the Ubeya app.

To book a captain, go to Scheduling and select the relevant event. Each booked employee has a C button on the right side of the screen. Select the C next to the corresponding employee to assign them as a Captain.

There are three types of captains you can assign:

  • Shift Captain - In charge of all workers under a specific shift.

  • Area Captain - All shifts and workers under the same area in an event. You can also assign multiple areas to the same Captain!

  • Event Captain - All workers under a specific event, regardless of shifts and areas. On multi-day events, the Event Captain is assigned throughout the event but must be booked in all in the relevant days.

Captains can perform various actions using the Ubeya app:

  • Worker check in/out and clock in/out.

  • Edit workers' shift start/end times.

  • Leave Payroll notes for workers.

  • Rate and review worker performance and also provide event related feedback.

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