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Transform Your Team's Experience with Ubeya's Latest Time & Attendance Upgrades!
Transform Your Team's Experience with Ubeya's Latest Time & Attendance Upgrades!

Introducing our latest features elevating time and attendance management. Last update: Jan 8th 2024

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Introducing our latest features in Ubeya, elevating time and attendance management for maximum flexibility and efficiency in any event setting.

New timesheets settings: The new options can be found under Settings > Scheduling & Timesheet > Timesheet - the relevant settings are now available under the Timesheet and Employee app T&A sections.

Here are the latest updates you must know:

1. Configurable Stages for Timekeeping

Every stage of timekeeping can be independently set to any of the three methods:

  • Worker direct clock in: Allows staff independence, can still be protected with geo-fencing and time restrictions (staff can only clock in if they are close to the event's location and within the designated shift times).

  • Worker scans on-site QR code: Ideal for centralized start points in larger events, with optional geo-fencing.

  • Manager scans worker QR code: Ensures strict timekeeping in secure or structured events, with a fallback scanning option for added flexibility.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the timekeeping process to the specific needs of each event and team.

2. Diverse Timekeeping Options to Suit Your Event

You can now allow staff to mark check-in and out of shifts after clocking in and before clocking out. This feature is particularly useful for events where staff clocks in at a central location and then moves to different areas, such as from the entrance of a stadium to a specific bar or restaurant within.

3. Workers stay Informed - Real-Time Notifications

Once a timestamp has been reported by a captain, the staff members will receive a push notification updating them. This feature ensures staff are informed about their timekeeping status. They will be fully informed in retrospect if their phones weren’t connected to a network.

4.Enhanced Scanning Modes - Be Prepared For Any Scenario

Offline Mode: Captains can scan staff members while offline, with data uploaded automatically to the system once reconnected to a network.

Bulk Scanning Mode: Captain can choose one timekeeping option (clock-in, check-in, check-out, clock-out), and continuously scan all the workers without interruptions. Fast and accurate - especially for large events.

These new features provide you with a more adaptable, customizable, efficient, and user-friendly time and attendance management for a variety of events.

We are committed to continuously enhancing our platform to meet your evolving needs and more. For any queries or further information, feel free to reach out to us!

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