Getting Started With Employees
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The Employee Module acts as a one-stop hub for organizing your team. It's packed with useful tools to efficiently manage all aspects of employee administration.

Let's explore the main key features!

Status tabs

In this module, you'll find tabs that represent various employee statuses

  • Active
    Includes all currently active team members who can apply for shifts and be booked.

  • Inactive
    Lists team members who are currently inactive and cannot view job opportunities or apply for shifts.

  • Deleted

    Displays workers who have been removed from your team and, similar to inactive members, cannot access job opportunities or apply for shifts.

  • Admins

    Encompasses all individuals with managerial privileges. Read more about admins:

  • Pending status

    Involves workers whose request to become active is pending. These individuals are identified by a red exclamation mark icon, indicating the pending request and the incomplete onboarding process. While in pending status, employees can still apply for shifts, yet the enduring red icon serves as a visual cue of their pending status. Once you've gathered the required details and determined that they've completed the onboarding process, you can access the employee profile and deactivate the "pending" toggle. Learn how to set employee as pending!

  • Candidates

    lists potential workers who enter your company code to join. You can't manually move workers here; they're automatically added when candidates apply to join your company. Learn more about your company code!

Adding Employee

This area enables you to create new profile for workers in your team, whether it's one by one, in multiples, or through bulk upload via an Excel sheet. Find out more about the process of adding employees.

Filtered view

Leverage our filtering options to instantly bring forth the specific data you require. You can even implement filters when sharing data with particular employees, making the process incredibly simple!

To initiate filtering, simply click on the sliders icon positioned at the top right corner of your module menu. Below, you'll find an example demonstrating how filters can be applied within the employees' module.

More actions:

In addition to viewing and managing employees, the module provides 'More Actions' functionalities. For instance, the ability to export employee lists allows for data portability and easy sharing, ensuring seamless collaboration and record-keeping.

Table configuration

The module includes an organized Employees Table, providing a snapshot view of your workforce. Additionally, you have the option to configure this table according to your specific preferences, allowing customization for better visibility and data management. To make any necessary changes, just click on the pencil icon situated at the upper right corner.

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