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Understanding Admin Types and Their Privileges in Ubeya
Understanding Admin Types and Their Privileges in Ubeya

This article explains the different admin roles and privileges in Ubeya, helping you manage your workforce more effectively.

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Ubeya Admin Types

Understanding the admin roles and their associated privileges will empower you to manage your workforce more effectively.

  • Account Manager

    Definition: Account managers are responsible for overseeing the entire account, providing them with a range of high-level capabilities.

  • Branch Manager

    Definition: Branch managers focus on specific branches within the account, providing them with a more localized set of capabilities, and their privileges are (Limited to their branch only.

Privileges options:

  1. Edit Permissions: Ability to edit admin privileges for other admins.

  2. Timesheet: Monitor the Timesheet, approve and reject time entries.

  3. Payroll: See payroll and pay rates, approve and reject payroll entries.

  4. CRM (Client): Add and see client information.

  5. Scheduling: Plot schedules for employees.

  6. Communication: Access feed option and post communications.

  7. Edit Employee Profile: Edit user profile information.

  8. Workflows: Create workflows based on conditions.

  9. Billing: See Ubeya billing.

  10. Client Billing: See client billing for labor.

  11. Compliance: Manage fields and reporting of employees compliance per position.

  12. Reports: See report of the account

  13. Permission to delete employees: Allow admins to delete employee profiles rather than only deactivating their profiles.

  14. Allow to unlock payroll: Have the ability to reverse locking of changes.


If you have any further questions or require more details, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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