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Set Rules For Employees’ Clock In/Out
Set Rules For Employees’ Clock In/Out

Set restrictions for employees' clock in and out, based on time and location

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Employees’ clock-in and out times can be logged by employees themselves, by captains on-site, and by account admins. Admins can manually make adjustments through the Timesheet, Payroll, and Scheduling modules.

You can control employees' clock in and out reporting by defining rules for the times they report pre or post-shift and their physical distance from the event location.

To set up the rules, go to your account's Settings and choose the relevant branch.

From there, navigate to "Scheduling & Timesheet" tab and pick the "Timesheet" section that is locate on the left side.

Set time limits:

  • You may choose the number of minutes workers can report pre and post-shift in the dedicated tab:

    • Employees can clock in 'x' minutes before the shift starts

    • Employees can clock out 'x' minutes after shift ends

  • "Enable auto-clock-out" in case your workers forget to clock out from their shift.

Set geo-location limits:

Toggle on the GEO fence to restrict the range where workers can clock in and out from shift. Following that, add the numeric value of distance required in KM (or miles, based on your account settings) in the dedicated tab next to Distance from shift address (KM).

Once done, don't forget to save your changes!

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