Timesheet Capturing Options

Learn about the different methods for workers' clock in/out & check in/out

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Customizable Time and Attendance

Our time and attendance solutions are fully customizable, empowering admins to tailor the timekeeping methods to fit the specific needs of each event. This guide outlines three effective methods to ensure accurate and flexible time tracking.

  • Worker Direct Clock-In

Empower your staff with the freedom to clock in independently, secured by geo-fencing and time restrictions. This ensures staff can only clock in when they are at the event's location and within their designated shift times, providing a perfect blend of independence and accountability.

  • Worker Scans On-Site QR Code

Ideal for large events with centralized start points, this method uses a unique QR code provided by our team. Employees scan the code to mark attendance, streamlining the process with the option for geo-fencing to ensure presence on-site and adherence to shift times.

  • Manager Scans Worker QR Code

For events requiring stringent timekeeping, this method allows managers to scan workers' QR codes. It offers a secure way to monitor time and attendance, with a fallback scanning option for flexibility, ensuring all team members are accounted for accurately.

Implementing Your Choice

Each method is designed with ease of use in mind, supported by step-by-step guidance to integrate seamlessly into your event's workflow. Choose the best fit for your event, or combine methods for optimal coverage and control.

Methods Manual

Worker Direct Clock-In:

This method involves workers accessing the “Schedule” tab in their crew app to select the current day’s shift. Upon selecting "Clock in," the system automatically verifies the worker's GPS location to confirm they are within the predefined perimeter and clocking in during the assigned time window.

Worker Scans On-Site QR Code:

For this option, print out a QR code supplied by Ubeya, allowing employees to clock in or out by scanning it. This QR code, unique to your branch, supports multiple uses across various areas within the same location for any event under your branch. It includes options to enforce scanning within the location and specified shift times, serving as a universal check-in tool for the entire event, without restrictions by specific shifts, teams, or locations.

Manager Scans Worker QR Code:

For Team Members/Workers: When using this method, workers prompted to clock in or out will be directed to show their QR code to their onsite captain/manager. This can be accessed via the "Schedule" tab by selecting "Today's shift" and "Clock in," leading to a screen with instructions.

If an onsite captain is available, they'll scan the barcode to log times. In absence of a captain, workers can use the "Or scan QR code" option to check in via a POS/Till system’s QR code.

For Captains: Selecting this timekeeping method, captains will find a "Manage shift" button in the app or POS/Till web version, displaying options to scan worker barcodes actively or present their own for scanning. Captains' scanning abilities are tailored to their assigned roles (Shift, Area, Event), allowing them to manage time reporting for their specific teams or have their barcodes scanned by team members to log their timesheets accordingly.

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