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Pause Employee Applications For Events
Pause Employee Applications For Events

Have you fully staffed your event? Great! Now is the time to learn how to pause incoming applicants.

Updated over a week ago

Is your event is fully booked and incoming applications are no longer relevant?

Congrats, you're in a great spot!

Now comes the time to halt additional applications and notify employees who applied.

Pause Applications

Open your event, go to the 'Available' column and click the pause sign next to "Check Availability."

Customize a message to the employees and click OK.
The employees who weren't booked will receive a notification and the event will be removed from their app.

*Pro-tip: To set a default message go to your branch Settings, click the "Scheduling & Timesheet" tab, open the General dropdown list and customize your text in the "Default release employees message" field.

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