Calculate Total Payroll

Learn how to make the numbers count and simplify payroll calculation

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The Payroll module dashboard gives you the full scope of your workforce-associated costs within a defined period of time.

Calculating Payroll

To calculate total payroll, head to the Payroll module.

Set a date range to display payroll by using the dropdown menu in the top-left corner.

In the top-right corner, click the 'Group by' dropdown list to choose how to group the displayed information: by employee, date, position, or event.

Two rules for a complete payroll calculation:

  1. Insert accurate employee hours worked! (Click here to learn about editing employees clock in and out)

  2. Add the employee's wage - Add hourly wage/flat rate per position via Settings personalize an employee's wage (through the employee's profile or simply customize the wage value within the Payroll table).

*Pro-tip: Don’t forget to confirm the hours worked by clicking the green checkmark next to the employee’s name.

That's it! The "Total" column should display the entire payroll calculation per employee within the desired date range.

*Pro-tip: By hovering over the value in the 'Total' column, the calculation is shown.

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