Creating New Events

The A-Z guide on creating events with Ubeya!

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Make epic schedules!

Use the scheduling module to create events and recurring shifts.

To begin, select your preferred date and click the + icon that appears on that date.

Then, opt for the "Create new event" choice and proceed to complete the event's details, including its name, location, client's name, attaching a file, and selecting the appropriate uniform for the event.

Pro-tip #1! From this page, you can create a new location, new uniform, and new client.

Additionally, you have the option add admin notes.

Pro-tip #2! General Comments are visible to workers associated with this event, while Comments for managers are visible to admins only.

The use of shift tags can assist in filtering the event on the calendar according to specific criteria that meet your requirements.

Towards the page's lower section, you can enable employees to log their working hours and offer a preliminary "check-in" step, especially if there is a designated meeting point for transportation to the event before the actual shift commences.Add a new event by hovering over the desired date, clicking the ‘+’ icon, and choosing the "Create an event" option.

The second phase in event creation involves specifying its positions and times.

You can do this by selecting your positions from the dropdown menu, ensuring that the number of attendees matches the position requirements, setting the start and end times for the shift, determining the required quantity of workers, specifying the shift's location if necessary, and including any pertinent notes.

If you click the purple arrow, additional options will appear, allowing you to designate uniforms for the shift and establish an hourly wage for the event's workers.

Once these details are finalized, you can proceed with your next step:
Either click "Previous" to review and edit the event's information, click "Add" to save the event, or select "Add & check availability" to save the event and reserve employees.

By selecting "Add & check availability," a new window will appear, giving you the opportunity to examine your potential audience. You can make adjustments by applying new filters that align with your requirements.

Once you've completed this, click on "Next." Afterward, you have the option to send push notifications to your employees, email notifications, and even attach a personalized note to the invitation.

That's it! You're done!

Happy scheduling and enjoy your next article!

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