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How to book employees to an event or shift
How to book employees to an event or shift

Learn how to schedule employees for any given event or shift!

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Booking employees for shifts and/or events is super easy.

Start by opening the event you created and saved in your schedule. Now, you have three methods for booking employees to choose from:

  1. Book employees by choosing them manually via the dropdown list under the desired position

  2. Book employees according to their availability:

Click the "Check availability" button and use the filter capabilities to tick or untick relevant recipients for the availability check. Update your filter, click Next and select the channel you wish to notify them through: Push notification, Email, or both and click Send.

*Pro-tip: You can review which employees have seen the availability check by clicking the stats button.

Following this check, employees that applied for a shift will be highlighted on the "Available" column on the left side. Book employees by clicking their name or click the +1 button associated with a position under the "Booked" column and choose employees from the dropdown list.

*Pro-tip - as long as the employee’s name is in white, they are not notified yet and you can continue with editing the booking column.

Once the booking is finalized, it’s time to notify your employees that they were booked.

Click the "Update Booked Employees" button to notify all employees, or notify them individually by clicking the "Notify Employee About Booking" button that appears in the employee’s row.

Once done, the employee will receive a confirmation request for the booking. Their confirmation will be shown with a highlighted checkmark in the employee’s row under the "Booked" column.

*Pro-tip: You can review which employees have seen the booking announcement by clicking the stats button. You can resend confirmation requests for the ones that have yet to confirm via Resend confirmation button and send a customized text for all booked employees via Send new confirmation button.

3. Autobook Feature: Check the availability of your employees and allow the first ones to apply to be automatically booked to an event or shift.

To enable this option, go to your Branch Settings, choose Schedule, open the General dropdown list, and enable the AutoBook employees button.

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