Payroll Module Overview

This article delves into the ins and outs of Ubeya's Payroll module

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The Payroll module provides a comprehensive view of your workforce activity, including who showed up and when, when they took breaks, overtime pay, custom payroll fields and even added expenses.


The Payroll module dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your workforce within a defined time range. You can view your employees, the hours they worked, and much more.

Display Date

Set your desired date range to display on payroll by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner. You can select from this month, last month, this week, last week, or set your own custom date range.

Displaying Shift Information

After defining a date range, let's look at the shift breakdown. First, select a listed employee and click their name to see the shifts they’ve worked within the date range.

After selecting an employee, you will see a breakdown of all shifts they’ve worked within the date range, including their position, hours, break time, overtime, total pay and more.

Viewing Shift-Specific Details

For a shift-specific breakdown, click the three vertical dots icon on the far right and select “Shift details” as shown above.

Shift details display shift times, breaks, and added expenses (e.g. tips and travel).

*Add an employee rating and review in the shift details menu to refer to at a later time.

Payroll Settings

To set parameters on your payroll, go to settings then select the Payroll tab. You can adjust payment settings including hourly/flat rates, daily/weekly overtime settings, holiday pay, and more.

General: Set your basic payroll settings like payment date, payment period, and whether you want to pay a per-shift flat rate or an hourly wage.

  • Daily Overtime: Activate and set your overtime settings. E.g. When overtime kicks in, overtime pay rate, and more.

  • Weekly Overtime: Choose whether to activate your weekly overtime, when it kicks in, and its hourly rate.

  • Holiday Pay: Activate and set parameters for your holiday pay settings

  • Employee App: Choose whether or not you want to allow employees to see their payroll in the app.

  • Expenses: Activate and set rates for added employee expenses such as travel, parking, bonuses, and more.

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