Timesheet Module Overview

Learn the ins, outs, and everything in between regarding the Ubeya Timesheet module!

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The Ubeya Timesheet is your one-stop shop for workforce records. When they worked, where they worked, what position they worked, and how much they worked are all answered with timesheets.

Timesheet Display Settings

Define your desired date range by clicking the dates in the top-left corner. You can view timesheets from today, this week, last week, this month, last month, or choose a custom date range as shown below:

Once you select a date range, click to expand any given day’s shifts and see the magic before your eyes! You will see all scheduled employees along with their roles, shifts, clock in/out times and breaks. You can also click on the 'Pencil' icon to edit the presented columns, creating a view tailored to your needs.

*Pro Tip: If an employee forgot to report a break, you can easily add break time(s) after the fact by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the “Breaks” column.

Exporting Timesheet Data

Export timesheet data by clicking the three-dots in the top right corner and selecting “Export Timesheet”. You will then be able to select which fields to export.

*You can also print the timesheet directly from the Ubeya interface!

Confirm a Timesheet Entry

Once an employee has clocked out of their shift, you will be able to confirm the shift by hovering over and selecting the green checkmark to the left of the employee’s name. Below is an example of a confirmed shift:

*Did you have a great experience with an employee? Add shift details either by clicking the ‘+’ icon under details or clicking the three dots on the right side of the employee column and select “Shift details” for a bird’s eye view of the entire shift (like below, for instance).

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