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Setting Up Compliance Monitoring: Comprehensive Guide For Admins
Setting Up Compliance Monitoring: Comprehensive Guide For Admins

Learn to manage employee qualifications with our Compliance feature. Set up packages, use the dashboard, and understand admin permissions.

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The Compliance feature is designed to assist admins in ensuring that only qualified employees are booked for jobs. Employees can view all jobs on their profiles, but the feature's main functionality is to help admins avoid booking non-compliant candidates.

Getting Started

  1. Pathway to Settings: Navigate to Settings > Employee Profile > Positions.

Compliance Requirements can be based on the following

You can set compliance based on various employee profile fields:

  • Check box

  • Drop-down field - specific option

  • Multi-select fields - multiple options

  • Date field

  • Attachment fields (must include an expiration date)

How to Create a Compliance Package

  1. Select a Role: Choose a specific position to set compliance requirements for.

  2. Click on the position you would like to edit

  3. Scroll to the bottom and find the Compliance section

  4. Click on "Add field" to choose the required profile fields that will build the compliance package

  5. Choose the Compliance Check Behavior: Choose how the system should react when attempting to book a non-compliant employee:

    • Block: Prevents the admin from booking the employee.

    • Flag: Sends a warning to the admin but allows the booking process to continue.

  6. Save: You're goo to go!

Booking and Scheduling Interface

  • Compliance Indicators: While scheduling, admins will see markers next to each employee's name. These indicators reveal whether an employee has any compliance issues with the specific job they are being considered for.

  • While trying to book a non-compliant employee, the system will react based on the setting chosen earlier.

    • If the "Block" option is selected, the system will prevent the admin from completing the booking.

    • On the other hand, if the "Flag" option is chosen, the system will issue a warning to the admin but allow the booking process to continue.

Monitoring compliance

  • Compliance Dashboard: Accessible by clicking the compliance icon on the left toolbar. This dashboard enables you to view employees sorted by position and branch, and see their compliance status for each role.

  • Dashboard Insights: The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of each employee's level of compliance, helping you make informed decisions.

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