How to clock in/out?
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How do I clock in?

After you have been assigned to a shift, you can view your shifts on the ‘Schedule’ tab of your app. At this point, you have two choices:

  1. Choose the relevant shift and click on the button ‘Clock in’.

  2. Scroll down your shift screen and select 'QR code' to generate a code that can be scanned by your shift manager for clocking in.

Clocking In/Out Issues on the Ubeya Crew App
If you’re experiencing difficulties clocking in and out of your shifts on the Ubeya Crew app, follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Check your location settings:

    Ensure that your device’s location settings are turned on and set to high accuracy mode. This will allow the app to accurately detect your location for clocking in and out.

    Settings - Privacy & Security - Location Services - On

  2. Allow Google Maps app to detect your location While using the Ubeya app:

    Settings - Privacy & Security - Location Services - Google Maps - While using the app

    If you prefer not to grant constant location tracking to Google Maps, you can opt for the "while using the app" option. However, it's important to note that whenever you want to clock in or out with Ubeya, you will need to open the Google Maps app simultaneously.

  3. Turn off battery saving mode:

    Battery saving mode on your device can sometimes interfere with location services. Try disabling battery saving mode before attempting to clock in or out. You can usually find this option in your device’s settings menu.

If you’re still experiencing issues after performing the above steps, please contact the Ubeya team through the Support Chat. When contacting the team, provide a screenshot of your device’s location screen or the Google Maps app displaying your current location. This will help us to understand and troubleshoot the problem more effectively.

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