Timesheet Sign-Off

Activating and Using the Timesheet Sign-Off Feature in Ubeya

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The timesheet approval feature in Ubeya offers a valuable tool for account administrators to efficiently oversee their employees' working hours.

This piece will guide you on how to effectively implement and utilize this feature.

Activating this function involves a simple process:

Open the settings page, navigate to the 'Scheduling & Timesheet' tab, select 'Timesheet', and scroll to the bottom. You will find the 'Approve Timesheet' category, with two options that can be toggled on. These include options for clients and employees to approve timesheets digitally.

Client Timesheet Approval:

Enable client timesheet approval by toggling on the setting.

With this feature enabled, clients can sign employees' timesheets on both the Ubeya managers app and the web platform.

Client / Signing a timesheet via the web interface:

Clients should navigate to an event linked to their order, access the external timesheets, and either approve or decline a timesheet. An approval requires a signature, while a decline offers an option to provide a reason.

Client Signature:

Client / Signing the timesheet through the Ubeya business app:

This requires the client to log into their account, select an event, and approve or decline each completed timesheet on the "External Timesheet" tab. Clients can view the employee timesheet approval status as well as their own.

For a thorough understanding of the employee timesheet feature with Ubeya, clients can be directed to this link.

Employee Timesheet Approval:

Upon clocking out, employees must approve their timesheet and provide a digital signature. They can also decline and write a reason visible on the web platform.

Your Timesheet Approval View:

For each event, under the payroll tab, you can see the timesheet approval status, provided that timesheet approval is enabled for that branch. Add 'Employee status' and 'Client status' columns to the payroll tab to see approval status, timestamps, and reasons for declining the timesheet (by hovering over the decline status).

Important note!

If clock in/out times are modified based on employee or client feedback, the timesheet must be re-approved.

Review Digital Signatures

There are two ways to view the signatures of clients and employees:

Navigate to a specific event and jump to the payroll tab. Under the table, press to edit the columns and on column editor, you can add three columns; Client - Approved by

Client - Approved at, Client approval (Signature).

You will then see the signature on the table as a column:

You can navigate to the payroll tab of an event, select the employee line, and click on the three dots menu at the end of the row to enter shift details. The resulting window will display the signatures along with the timestamps.

This can also be found in the "large" main timesheet module of the account.

By following these steps, you can ensure the smooth operation of timesheet sign-offs in Ubeya.

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