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Getting Started With Feed & Communication
Getting Started With Feed & Communication

This article gives you a front-to-back guide for Ubeya’s communication methods, including the Feeds module and chat functionality.

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The Ubeya platform provides several options for workforce communication. The most centralized functions are the Feed and Chat. The Feeds module is found on the left-hand menu and Chat is in the upper right-hand corner.

Getting Started

First things first. The feed is where company-wide communication takes place. Let's start with the things you can do using your Feed:

  • Text: If you want to send a text update, all you have to do is click the text field, write what you want to say, and hit “Post!” You can even enhance your text post by selecting a colored background. Just click the icon in the text field and choose your favorite gradient!

  • Photo: Want to add a photo to accompany your text update? No problem! Simply click the “Photo” icon below the text box and select a photo. Add another picture to the post by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to your uploaded photo!

  • Video: Just like you share photos, simply click the “Video” icon below your text field and upload a video file from your computer or mobile device.

  • File: Upload a word doc, pdf file, and more to share with your workforce. Just click “File” under the text box and select a file!

    Please note: Max file size of any type is 50MB

Ask a Question

Once you click into the text field, you are presented with three separate options. To get answers from your workforce, select the “Question” tab.

Fill in the question field and answers for your employees to select from. If you’d like to allow more than one answer per post, click the “Multiple answers” slider.

Creating a Form

Forms help relevant workforce members quickly and easily exchange information. Here are your form-building options:

My Content: These fields are for display only. They are not spaces in which employees can fill in and submit information. Use the Text field to describe the form and place an Image to pretty it up!

Input Field: These fields are placed into the form and populated with information from employees. The fields are as follows:

  • Profile Field: These are dynamic fields that are created in your settings. Click the settings icon in the top right corner, select “Employee Fields,'' and add/edit fields from there. Implement profile fields into your form when you want to capture information that you want to keep and use in the future!

  • Text: Utilize the Text option when there is no predetermined set of answers to your question. For instance, if you’re inviting your workers to a company potluck and want them to bring a homemade dish, add a text field “What would you like to bring?”

  • Date: Use Date fields to capture a specific date. Submttants will see a calendar in which they can select the relevant date for the question.

  • Dropdown: Plugin a drop-down menu to limit respondent options. Let’s use the aforementioned potluck as an example. If there are particular food allergies to keep in mind, you can list them with the dropdown menu. Add more options to the dropdown by clicking the “Add an Option” button. To allow for more than one answer from an employee, check the “Allow multiple” box before completing the dropdown field.

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