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What details are visible in my booked (upcoming) shifts?
What details are visible in my booked (upcoming) shifts?
Updated over a week ago

The invitation for your shift may include various details based on your employer's preference.

These details typically consist of:

  • Employer's name

  • Event location

  • Your assigned position

  • Shift timeframe

  • Approximate income for the shift

  • Client's name

  • Event-related notes

  • Shift-specific notes

  • Uniform requirements

  • Shift-related tasks

Additionally, you might have the following options available:

  • Add the shift to your calendar

  • Access event chat

  • View the list of coworkers working with you

  • See relevant posts related to the shift

  • Swap your shift with someone else

  • Release your shift

  • Clock in/out for the shift

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